Web Hosting Reseller

Want To Become A Reseller?

You'll need some serious specs then and this is the package for you! Due to popular demand we are pleased to announce we are now offering our linux hosting package. Our new Pro Hosting is ideal for resellers, anyone who needs to host multiple domains names, or maybe you simply need more space/traffic for your site.

More Info

Quickly set-up new sites using 1 main control panel. Define hosting plans for your customers and customise their control panels with as much or as little space as you wish. Our charge is £220 per year (or £20 per month!) and you can then setup 20 domains and sell them for ...whatever you like!!

Pro Hosting Features

Scripting & Applications

Scripting & Applications, Full support for Perl, PHP, SHTML and CGI meets the needs of all developers, whether you are new to design or an experienced webmaster.


Email, Create 100 mailboxes, unlimited forwarders, mail groups and auto responders. Webmail POP3 and IMAP access for all your mailboxes.

Webalizer Graphical Web Stats

Webalizer Graphical Web Stats, comprehensive graphical usage statistics for your all your web sites.

Plesk Control Panel

Powerful easy to use Plesk 11 control panels for you and your customers to configure domain settings, at no extra charge.


Webmail facility allowing you to access email from anywhere in the world.

File Manager

File manager system, this allows you to upload, edit and download files via the control panel.

Full Technical Support

Full technical support by telephone and email, Your calls will be always answered by a real person able to help you with your problem.

Password Protected Directories

Password protected directories for creating member areas and protecting important files.


ImageMagick is a robust collection of tools to read, write, and manipulate an image in any of the more popular image formats.

MySQL Databases

MySQL Databases, Set-up and manage mySQL databases for use with your websites.