Domain Transfers

  • How do I transfer a .uk Domain Name to Your Name Here?

    Simply ask your current domain provider to "change the IPSTAG to CHARD". Often you can do this in your domain name control panel without having to contact your provider at all. Then, simply advise us that you have changed the IPSTAG and we will take care of the domain and its future renewals.
  • How do I transfer a .uk Domain Name away to another host?

    Please request this via email to Please confirm your name, the domain name and the IPSTAG of your new hosting company and we will notify you when the transfer has been actioned. The e-mail must be from the owner of the domain.
  • How do I transfer a .com/net/org domain?

    If your domain is of global type (eg .com/.org/.net/.biz etc) then the company that you are transferring your domain name to will commence the transfer. The current host company need to ensure the domain is 'unlocked' and that they provide you with the authorisation code. The accepting host will then commence the transfer and an automated email will be sent to the admin contact for the domain (you need to make sure the admin contact is a current email address) The admin contact then uses the authorisation code to confirm the transfer. This type of domain transfer can take upto 7 days to complete. Please note domains can not usually be transferred if registered within the last 60 days.
  • Will I be charged if I wish to transfer my domain name away from yourselves?

    No we make no charges for the transferring of domain names either in or out.
  • Is it possible to change the registered owner details for a domain name?

    Yes. If its a Nominet governed domains (for example a, , or then Nominet have the necessary information on their website. They require transfer forms to be completed by both the owner of the domain name and also the person to whom the domain is being transferred to - along with certain proofs of identity. Please note Nominet incur a charge for a change of ownership - that charge is currently